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Quality Training To Understand How & Why Cannabis Works, So That Your Clients Get A Custom Experience Every Time!


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A practical cannabis guidebook packed with visual aids to help you customize your unique cannabis experience

Training for your staff focused on terpenes & how to use this knowledge to deliver a premium customer experience

Free video tutorials with Athena on how to infuse your own custom cannabis creations

Use this quiz to discover a prime starting point for finding your personal cannabis code. *Coming Soon*

Athena’s Podcast is under production. If you would like to be a guest please contact [email protected] Thank you


Custom Resources designed to fit the home kitchen

Athena’s Practical Cannabis Guidebook is vibrantly designed to avoid the pitfalls included in most cannabis resources

Learn what and ECS is and why it’s required for healthy function

Learn how to support your ECS in a way that fits your personal lifestyle

Discover your canna-code to create a custom experience

Find the best application method(s) to support your unique needs

Learn how to create delicious & effective canna-creations that fit your unique needs

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Feb 20.2021

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A great place to start with your cannabis journey. (Intended for the Canadian recreational market)

Apr 12, 2021

How & why your endocannabinoid system (The ECS) works

Sept 20, 2021

Higher Limits Blog:

A Beginners Guide to Edibles

Taking edibles can be an interesting experience. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the ride


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