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Apollo Cannabis Clinics has specialized in prescribing medical cannabis to patients across Canada since 2014. As an evidence-based clinic, Apollo has provided over 120,000 patients with the highest level of care and improved quality of life through access to medical cannabis prescriptions, personalized education and treatment plans, and ongoing support 7 days per week. Apollo’s clinical team, comprised of physicians, healthcare practitioners, and support team share the goal of helping Canadians manage their symptoms safely and effectively.

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Why I chose Apollo

Back in spring of 2021 I had hit the end of my rope in trying to manage my sons health issues. He was struggling with severe pain, spasms, & depression and our family doctor, no matter how hard she tried, couldn’t find the cause.

Pain pills didn’t help, anti-depressants didn’t help, exercise didn’t help and neither therapy nor time in a loving supportive environment helped.

He wasn’t eating, sleeping or smiling anymore and I was deeply afraid of losing him. I begged my family doctor to let me give him cannabis, but she didn’t know enough to be comfortable prescribing to him at such a young age (17)… no matter how good I was with our favourite plant.

I had to choose between watching my son wither away, breaking the law, or finding another medical resource…

Which as many of you know, isn’t a choice at all.

I’d seen a number of cannabis clinic ads and knew I could find a source for a prescription, but I wanted serious medical support for my boy. A real, qualified professional who cared about his case and followed up to make sure he was improving…

I chose to reach out to Apollo because their Instagram feed had solid facts that were relevant to how you would actually use the plant, not just tidbits that were neat but not really helpful.

Getting the appointment and the prescription was incredibly easy. (It was so easy that it threw me off for a bit. After having to fight so hard with my family doctor, only to have the problem addressed in a single appointment… it was wonderfully surreal.)

In the year and a half since then my son has been steadily improving. We still don’t know what the root cause of his issues are, but with responsible cannabis use he now eats, exercises, sleeps, smiles, and participates in the upkeep of his own existence! Oh and he’s gained a solid 33 pounds! Which means we can’t count his ribs through his shirt anymore!!!

I firmly believe that medical cannabis has saved my sons life and no matter how good I am at applying it… Apollo made it possible for me to give it to him in the first place and they checked up on his progress often to make sure he was doing well.

I am so grateful that their services exist for families like mine!!

– Athena L.

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