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These resources are here to help make supporting your endocannabinoid system easier. If we succeeded and our work has changed the way that you consume cannabis, Please let us know!!

Laurene Leader

  • ★★★★★

Best book for anyone who uses or is interested in learning about cannabis.

Not only did it have a lot of information, it was presented in a way that was easily to understand and apply to my life. It was life changing. Thank you Ms. Lumsden!

Deborah Pembleton

  • ★★★★★

Everything you wanted or needed to know regarding cannabis. My main interest was alternative medical use. So far I have used lotions and balms and I find it has helped greatly towards pain relief. I can’t wait to try edibles! Recipes look delicious! Well written and researched and easy to understand for every day people like me.

Kylee Ellis

  • ★★★★★

Athena is an absolute wealth of knowledge just waiting to benefit the masses. After an information
session with Athena, my team and I felt as if we were given the tools we needed to assist our clients in
the best way possible. From terpene breakdowns to a full spectrum look into the ECS, she made the
intake of information easy to comprehend for everyone, regardless of their prior experience level
regarding cannabis. Learning about cannabis with Athena was a fun, immersive experience which soon
became relatable as well! I would highly recommend Athena’s services and utilizing the Cannahow
Youtube page and online services at every step of your cannabis journey. Whether you’re training your
team to be the best they can be, or you need some self guidance within the cannabis realm, Athena is
definitely the go-to gal!


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