Practical Cannabis – PDF version



This electronic version is packed with vibrant colours, fun graphics, and easy to apply charts to help you customize your unique cannabis experience!

If you’re struggling with finding a way to make cannabis cover your specific needs…

Please know that you’re not alone.

Since we all have a unique reaction to cannabis, it makes it very difficult to get results by copying the person next to you or just grabbing “any ol’ bud” off the shelf.

This is because cannabis isn’t just one natural compound helping you. It’s hundreds, and every single one of us will react to each of these compounds in a unique manner.

This means that the process of finding your exact fit can be very frustrating, particularly if you have an unusual response to cannabis.

As a cannabis patient with a broken endocannabinoid system (ECS), Athena became so frustrated with the lack of relatable & reliable cannabis resources that she created her own system for applying cannabis to her life in an effective way. By finding her Canna-Codes and building a Custom Cannabis-Care Routine she has freed her endocannabinoid system and regained control over her life.

This guidebook is a collection of everything Athena wished she had known when she started her medical cannabis journey.

Use it to gain confidence and control of your personal cannabis experience in a way that stays true to who you are as an individual.

Her system makes it easy to find your own Canna-Codes & create your unique Cannabis-Care Routine by teaching:

  • What an ECS is and why we need to take care of it if we want a functional lifestyle
  • Why cannabis is used to treat so many different conditions
  • How to create your custom treatment plan, including how to find your personal canna-codes, dose size, application methods, application schedule & more
  • Vivid full colour graphics
  • The elements of cannabis that you can use in a home kitchen & their most common effects
  • Nothing about the elements of cannabis that are unavailable to the home canna-creator
  • Over 40 delicious and reliable recipes for you to infuse your entire life

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